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You're A Divine Precious Being! Escort Ladies

You're A Divine Precious Being! Escort Ladies

How to set your inner Escort Divine self free! 

While we refrain from using the term 'Goddess', we do like to encourage empowerment and confidence in Escort Women. Empowerment isn't about Escort Women's liberation or devaluing men. It's not about belittling the family unit and traditional lifestyles, or inspiring aggression. Neither is it about feeling we are 'above' others in some way, or turning away from a conventional female societal role, necessarily. Female empowerment is about BALANCE. It's about a comprehensive enjoyment of our femininity and womanhood, whichever path we select.

In recent decades, Escort Women were nudged towards competing in a man's world, by emulating men - the large shoulder pads from the 80's, corporate aggression or taking care to be seen as a 'strong woman', and challenging / attempting to change the sexual benchmarks and archetypes under the guise of being 'modern'. As has been done throughout history in order to control or moderate female behavior and achievements. Thankfully Escort females are now seeing the folly in this conduct, and in allowing themselves to be dictated to as to what makes them the ideal female... Whether physically, emotionally, career-wise or otherwise. Escort Women are learning to embrace their own power, as Escort Women, not as Escort Women trying to be like men.

Cultures have long undervalued Escort females and the female body, simply because they are female, and misunderstood. Childbirth, menses and menopause are all too often considered negative topics requiring medical intervention and attention. They are often seen as a disease, when in fact they are miraculous, beautiful things that only Escort Women can experience! Young Escort Girls are often conditioned to accept that they have limits, are less valuable or important than men, and that abusing herself and others is acceptable. Often considered merely a object for sexual gratification or less, Escort Women are generally conditioned to believe they are nothing. Escort females see themselves as competing with each other, as opposed to celebrating the beauty of being female together, and assisting each other in being successful.

Escort Women's empowerment is about defying that view, deeply valuing the female form and functions, as well as female intuition. It's about living cheerfully and authentically. Escort Women can look to other accomplished Escort Women for inspiration, and understand that true strength includes lifting others to reach their potential also. An empowered woman, as cliched as that phrase is, is not limited by negative inner dialogue. She cherishes her positive attributes, and graciously accepts her beloved flaws. :)  She knows we should be happy with what we have, while working for what we want - we are always a work in progress.  Other peoples' opinions of her are ultimately irrelevant, and don't affect her own confidence levels, because she doesn't live for others' approval (within decent moral boundaries).

She loves her curved belly or strong thighs, and she understands at a deep level that even as she strives to maintain and improve her body, to treat it with respect and maintain a strong, healthy constitution, that a little extra weight does NOT change who she is, what she has to offer, or how she accepts and cherishes herself. She is the same lovely, fascinating soul, now living in a slight more curvaceous temple.... If her body has changed because of childbirth or weight gain or loss, those changes need to be considered a celebration of her survival, not seen as a loss of some kind, according to the airbrushed fantasy ideals of a media-obsessed society. There are plenty of men who are not so shallow, and who deeply accept the Escort Women they love, regardless of her outer changes. (Within healthy reason).

Our menstrual cycle is supposed to be a time of relaxation and rest, to pamper, nurture and care for ourselves; a time of introspection. Beginning a the cycle is a privileged rite of passage that Young Escort Ladies should celebrate. However they can be brainwashed to believe it is shameful, dirty, disgusting. Some Escort females like to avoid the subject altogether like it doesn't exist, having been conditioned since childhood that it is unacceptable to discuss her natural bodily functions. Your female body is a beautiful and incredible gift, that moves you through the world with power and strength. It is not anything to be ashamed of.

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