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  • Role Play

    Role Play Escorts, When you are tired of being yourself, does not matter how successful you are, here comes role plays. Sick man and nurse, teacher and student, plumber and housewife, and everything you saw in movies is available to try now. It is only up you to decide who do you want to be tonight. Do not be shy of your oddest desires, we will find a way to realize it! Throw a whole costume party and come up with a role for each member. Or play only with your partner and lead this game as far as you wish. Release your imagination and enjoy wonderful experience of being a Wolf and a Red Hood or ask your companion for advice, she will definitely help you with scenario and roles. It is always great to try something new, so let’s book in advance the girl you see as a perfect actor in your plot. See you in a couple of hours!

  • Oral sex

    Oral sex can be part of a prelude or the main dish of your evening. Remember, lips and tongue are not only for kisses. Just to try to imagine touch of full and juicy lips on the top of your dick and then slow sliding of tip of the tongue down and around, making you breathe faster. Do you like “Magic 8” trick or deep throat? We like it too! Do not forget how creative our girls. How about a blowjob with ice cream or under water in a tub? We know you like extraordinary sensations. You can possibly think of some peculiar actions while having oral sex – we predicted this and got prepared: lots of toys and stuff to play while you caress each other in 69 pose. Our girls are sweeter than wine, so this tongue play will be a whole satisfaction for you and your partner. All you need is to relax and let the precious stranger please you.

  • Golden shower

    Escort Girls Golden shower as known as urolagnia may also satisfy your spirit of an adventurer. It is a game that can be played while you are in a bathroom with your companion. If you are not master of watersports yet, do not hesitate and try it with your experienced friend – she definitely knows what to do. There are always three actions in this performance: to give, to receive and to get satisfaction by watching and feeling. Which part are you in is up to you. Do you remember the pleasure to pee after couple of hours of enduring? This is close enough to the joy of giving golden shower to somebody, especially slim blonde or hot brunette who will do everything you want to fulfil your wishes. Also it is absolutely harmless for you and your partner, so it is win-win to try it for the first time or to perform it the way you like it usually, or to freshen your experience with some new toys while playing.

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  • Mature Escorts

    Mature Escorts İstanbul Busty Escort Girl Sheila Istanbul Escort Benita Luxury Esort Lady Emma Butt Mature Escort Girl Amber Mature escorts in İstanbul are very popular amount the clientele who frequent İstanbul escort agencies and the İstanbul escort scene in general. There is not strict definition of what a mature female escort is. Women who are in the escort business and are at or over the age of 35 are usually put into this category. We at VipEscortBook İstanbul will use this age as the start age for ladies who will be placed in the mature escorts İstanbul gallery. Why do many clients prefer mature escorts? This should be a straightforward question to answer. Many clients that use escort agencies who probably be in the age range of 35 - 65 years old. Of course some will be older or young than that, but the bulk of clients would be in that age range. Some of these men would prefer to spend time with a female escort companion who is closer to their own age. Someone who is attractive but also experienced in life. For dinner date bookings many clients prefer to be seen out with an attractive lady who is closer their own age. If you are going to spend a long period of time with someone, you may wish to spend it with someone you have more in common with. An escort of a mature age would usually have more in common that someone younger. Though this will not always be the case. Younger guys also book mature female escorts. With the word cougar being part of everyday language and the acronym (or some may prefer to call it internet slang) MILF also being used widely, it is no surprise that many young clients want to find out what all the fuss is about. We have also found that in general, mature female escorts are very good and role-play scenario bookings. Maybe experience of life lends better to using your imagination and skills in such a booking. At VipEscortBook İstanbul we make sure all the escorts look like their pictures. We want the ladies that join to be fun, warm and very VipEscortBook. This definitely goes for the İstanbul escorts on the mature escorts İstanbul gallery too. We have found many of the ladies that would fit into the mature İstanbul escorts category, look after their bodies really well. You will find many of these ladies spend a lot of time in the gym and it shows! We will continually add any new mature lad