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  • Choking

    Escort Girls Choking and all stuff connected with asphyxia is mostly popular in BDSM as well as in hardcore sex. It is considered as symbol of obedience and submission and turns on many women who love it harder. Like spanking it can be performed with your hands or some devices such as gag or leather strap. It depends on your goals. If you want to mute your partner, better use gag. But if you would like to keep one’s life in your hands and see subjugation in your girl’s eyes, it is better to try choking. For peculiar lovers it can also be a whole hanging performance. As in all BDSM plays safety is main part of entertainment. You can be also gentle and choke your lady kindly so she would feel your power and domination, but won’t feel any discomfort so as you.

  • İncall and Outcall

    İncall and Outcall Escorts, Incall: The client comes to the place of business of the escort. Outcall: The escort goes to the place where the client is staying. Outcall esccort services have pros and cons for both the escort and the client. This type of escort service is more expensive than incall service. It poses greater risks for the escort. This might also be referred to as a housecall when being tounge-in-cheek about the services being provided to the client.

  • Anal Sex

    Anal sex is as ancient in centuries as still kinky for some men. If you never tried it before, why don’t you try it tonight? This is the right time, because your companion is a dream came true. Look at her perfect skin and tight ass, don’t even try to resist! If you are experienced one, it will be as great as it would be in your dreams. Do you like to play dirty or you wish for angelic pure? Do it doggy-style or look in her eyes while holding and bending her back while she is on your knees? Or maybe you wish for anal sex in jacuzzi and play with water flows tickling your body? Let us suggest that maybe you want to be the one who is passive in anal sex, but was shy to try it. So do not be, we will be extremely gentle to you playing with our toys. Our girls will never bore you in sex. Your fantasies are